The images and texts below give an impression of the booklets ''  Hou- vast , 2006'' and '' Natuurbeelden, 2011''. 



Nature is your home, 

 your safety

and peace.


But there's one thing you need to know,

my friend,

nature is full of mysteries

and powers,

that we

never will understand.


 The wind


The wind is blowing through the trees.


The whispering of the wind 

tells a wonderful story, 

that not many 

can understand and hear.


Yet deeply

in your heart and soul

you hear it 

and feel it.


Only you have to  open up for it.


                                                My feelings


I can feel them moving,  

my feelings.

They're deep inside me.

Every step I take,

something changes.

My feelings are strong and beautiful

They know who I am.





Numerous birds of prey

guide my way.

''Keep a view.

Fare well".





Two streams of water

in fused togetherness.

Longing for the sea.






Silence embraces my being.

Everything comes to rest.