Background Art Works




In 1999, my mother died completely unexpected. I always had a very good relationship with her. During the time after her dead I was looking for activities to distract me. I was attracted to painting, so every now and then I started a painting, even though it didn't work out the way I wanted.



In the summer of 2000 we went on holiday to Corsica. The owner (herself a painter) of the holiday home high up in the mountains, came to take a look at my painting activities in her garden with a beautiful view (an inspiring environment). She made the remark: "ah, c'est abstrait, oui, c`est abstrait". This remark made something clear to me and it was the beginning of my personal way of painting. All kind of feelings and ideas I could express in my own way in a painting.



Some time later I also started sculpting or in fact sculpture filing, a very pleasant occupation.



Together with Fleur, my daughter, I designed five exhibitions in the exhibition space of the Achelse Kluis. A memorable experience.



I also had two books printed together with Fleur, titled "Nature Images" and "Hold on". In the booklet "Nature images" photographs of Fleur are combined with short texts from me. In the booklet "Hold on" my paintings are combined with texts of Fleur.



I look back on the compilation and realization of these booklets with great pleasure.