Cover research report ''Stimulating Conscious Development''


On a fine day in 2006, two colleagues of Mechanical Engineering asked me if I was interested in making a painting, based on mechanical principles?  Art and technique in a painting; a challenging idea! After some explanation about the functioning of the mechanical principles by the colleagues, I started to work. The idea resulted in a triptych called: 'Work in Development'' (2007). The paintings of the triptych are: ''Flying Start'', '''Propelling Movement'' and ''Ready to Travel''. The paintings symbolize the development of Mechanical Engineering students, from the propaedeutic year to graduation. The triptych had a place in the study Mechanical Engineering for a number of years.


Two parts from the triptych are depicted on the cover of the research report. On the front a part from the painting ''Propelling Movement'' and on the back a part of the painting '' Ready to Travel''.

'' Un-wind your-self''


The figure: '' Un-wind your- self'' I often showed to the students during, the SCV module of the study programme of Mechanical Engineering ( see Research Summary on this site), to clarify the importance of the terms. The figure consists of an image of a painting and some terms related to personal development.


I made the painting: ''Un-wind your-self'' for Fleur, my daughter, in 2001. Showing more and more of yourself; being able to show who you are by growing insight into your personal development.

Photo choice


From my paintings ''Victory, 2002'' and ''Going with the sun, 2001'' I have had printed postcards. During the last interview of my PhD research I asked the research students to make a choice between both postcards and substantiate their choice.


Most research students chose the postcard ''Victory''. A number of substantiations were: I would take the cheerful postcard. It radiates more, it radiates something. It is light. This one is much lighter, like: ''here I am" . I' m more of the cheerful, of the sunrise.


A motivation for the choice of the postcard ''Going with the sun'' was: I choose the postcard where it looks like someone is just lost in the middle of the ocean and doesn't know what he's going to do. 



Culture Park Germany


This photo was taken in 2011 in a Culture Park in Germany. The photo is part of a series of 12 photos (Fleur Le Gros) that I used during one of the  interviews of my PhD research. To my  question:'' What would you change about the building first if you were in charge?''. Almost all research students aswered: first remove the rust, then apply a fresh layer of paint, such as green or silver, to make the building more attractive.

Searching from the other side


Intra-personal development, looking for a way in to get to know yourself better and better, doesn't always happen by itself. A certain degree of support in the process of personal development is essential. A search from a different perspective offers possibilities in the process of acquiring self-knowledge.


                      Flying Start                                                     Propelling Movement                                              Ready to Travel